When it’s time to invest, transparency is key, and the rules of the
game are clear. All information is directed towards investors
because the participation of each of them is essential.

Trajectory and role

with a partner’s commitment


Invest in enterprises that serve as a base for a stable income strategy via dividends.


The investment objectives are defined under one premise, make our investments’ capital grow.


Selectivity, discipline, analytical fundaments, and management capabilities are the key ingredients.


Defined as the precise intersection between performance and risk. Proactive and positive, conservative in this strategy.


A natural end of our strategy: establish a generator of liquidity that works for our investors.


A natural end of our strategy: establish a generator of liquidity that works for our investors.

Our vision

A multiple-income strategy

The possibility to take part in attractive alternative investments, for income generation and capital growth through liquidy rentability in a periodic and predictable manner.

Our philosophy

A key piece
in the business

In the great majority of our acquisitions, the founding owner continues to maintain their relationship with the enterprise as a key partner, seeking to maintain the organization’s values and guarantee future results.

Our numbers

Results that back
our experience

Our investments

Our team

Trajectory and experience in investments

Since 11 years ago, IBF Negocios concentrates professionals to lead, consult and direct each investment towards a better future.

Hugo Benedetti

General Management

Uruguayan businessman with an outstanding trajectory; in 2011 he funded and is now Director of IBF NEGOCIOS. Before that, he developed his corporative career with a prominent role in management and a directive one in Nuvó Cosméticos in Uruguay and the regional development, expanding the activities of Sara Lee Corporation (Nuvó Cosméticos), in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

Horacio Alvarellos

Business operations

Exercising his degree, a Bachelor in Systems, after having had a long corporative career in Argentina (IBM, Telecom, Metrogas, Telecom Personal, Microsoft, and Claro) and ending his corporate career as General Manager of Claro Uruguay, he turned his experience and professionalism to IBF NEGOCIOS as Business Operator.


Gustavo Rearden

Business operations

As Mechanical Engineer he has developed an outstanding managerial trajectory: he started in marketing at Nuvó Cosméticos, participated in the area of management in the notable commercial development of Pagnifique, and lastly as Commercial Manager of SiSi. He joined the IBF NEGOCIOS team as Business Operator.

Matías Silva

Business operations

Having an extensive experience in positions of responsibility, formed in administration and exterior commerce and complemented by studies abroad. Currently working as a General Manager in FarmaGlobal.

Carlos Ameneiros

Business operations

He is a Computer Engineer with an MBA from ORT University Uruguay. Having developed his professional experience, as an entrepreneur or manager in different organizations in diverse areas of activity in Uruguay, Brazil, and Paraguay.

Gustavo Avakian

CFO Operations

A Public Accountant from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), with an additional program of directive development from IAE Business School and a program from Latin American Healthcare Complianc. With over 15 years of experience in Latam companies.

Bernardo Benedetti

Finance Director

Risk analyst in BBVA, then in the investment sector of HSBC, both positions in Argentina. Graduated with a degree in Business Administration from the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE). Based in Uruguay, he specialized in the areas of Finances and M&A in IBF NEGOCIOS.

Pablo Benedetti

Investor relations

Pablo Benedetti graduated from the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa with a degree in Commercialization and Marketing. In recent years he has specialized in the financial area. He is now in charge of making the investors reports.


Carolina Millán

Management and Back Office

Carolina Millán, educated in the management of administrative and financial investments in the UCUDAL, has extensive experience in administration and private banking, having developed her career in Uruguay as well as abroad.

Andrés Algorta

Senior Analyst

Graduated as a Public Accountant from the University of Montevideo, and has a degree from an Exchange Progam from the University of Pittsburgh. He has developed his professional career as an independent accountant, joining the IBF NEGOCIOS team in early 2022.

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